Nahema has selected Franck Darnet as the designer for its first unit. Franck Darnet has a great experience in working both for large production shipyards such as Beneteau and custom yachts builders both sail and motor such as JFA, Garcia, Lazarra,and CNB collaborating with famous architects as Bruce Farr, Philippe Briand. . Franck has responded to Nahema’s requirements of an open, very clear interior where the cockpit and the salon would make one large leaving space. The shipyard also asked the design team to pay attention to the lightness of the materials used to build a fast boat. Finally this first Nahema had to be as convenient as possible for the guests and the crew to leave aboard. Franck Darnet worked on the project with Karine Rousseau, a French Designer with offices in Miami, and lots of references in designing interiors of luxurious homes and hotels. Both Franck and Karine have studied at the famous Ecole Boule in Paris, Franck specialising in wood work and karine in tapestries. They have met the shipyard requirements with success as you can see in the 3Ds.

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