I didn’t mention the Yapluka Shipyard yet on my blog but it is one of the largest luxury catamaran builder. I will soon write a more complete post about this yard. For the moment I will let you discover WONDERFUL, a Yapluka 74 cruising in the British Virgin Islands. WONDERFUL was designed by the French designers team Berret Racoupeau. If you have a look at WONDERFUL’s website you will want to book a charter right away. “Nothing but pleasure” should be the motto for this yacht. Wonderful offers a special luxury equipment that sets her appart from over cats of her size, she features on the fore deck a two persons fresh/salt water jacuzzi. The interior layout, elegant and confortable, has been very well tought out. The interior is elegant and confortable. In the port hull you will find a large double cabin with a queen size bed you can split into two single beds. The starboard hull feature the owner stateroom and a double cabin you can join to make a huge suite. Of course each room features a flat screen tv, an independant A/C, and a Playstation II to play music, read DVD, and play games.
WONDERFUL’s crew is highly professional. The Captain, Waren J. East. a class 4 officer of the watch who has attended the United Kingdown Naval Academy, holds a Paddy diving diploma and will send you home with a picture diary of your cruise. The chef, Elisabeth Lee, looks like a great cook. She runs a website www.gods-kitchen.com where you can discover all the great dishes and sample menus she prepares aboard WONDERFUL. This magnificient catamaran cruises in the BVI and the Bahamas, you can book a charter with Sunreef Yacht Charter, Central Yacht Charter, Catamaran Sailing, First Class Yacht Charter for example.

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2 Responses to WONDERFUL, YAPLUKA 73

  1. Cliff M. says:

    Looks like the boat of my dreams. Can you sail it single handedly, or do you need more than one person?

  2. luxurycat says:

    Yes indeed it is a nice boat. Your question comes up all the time in the industry can we sail this boat single handed. My answer if you are a good sailor, in good physical shape, calm and cautious I would say once you are at sea yes you can. Though I would rather recommend a catamaran with a self-tacking jib. The trouble start want you have to dock, then you need to be at least two people or get some help from the harbour. Of course this is my own point of view.

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