I have just received some news from SUNREEF. SUNREEF is increasing its range of luxury catamarans, they are actually drawing a 170 and a 200 feet. You will find all the SUNREEF projects on their web page Catamarans.

Among the big SUNREEFs, the 92 is not a new project but it is the most innovative. The design team has modified this unit to maximize the confort on board and the performance . They have created a very elegant and harmonious catamaran with a dining table where 12 people can seat around. The owner wanted such a huge table so dining together would became a real event on board, I don’t blame him. The dining room and the owner’s cabin will have a panoramic view on the outside, a first time for the shipyard. You can find more 3Ds and drawings on the SUNREEF 92 web page.

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