Another stunning VPLP catamaran, the Lago 92 CILIAM was seen in Valencia attending the Americas Cup. This LAGO 92 offers an amazing exterior design. I found the picture above of CILIAM docked at the Port America’s Cup on the great website Shipspotting. This picture was taken by Manuel Hernandez. CILIAM belongs to a European business man found of sailing and was launched in 1999. She was built in full epoxy at the Salthouse Boatbuilders Shipyard in Auckland. CILIAM is not only fast, (weight has been strictly kept under control and the huge 35 m rotating mast is in carbon fiber) but also very confortable with a lot of space inside (140 m²/ 1000 sq ft). The salon is amazingly large. The interior design, by the French/Italian Anne-Monique Bonadei who also designed DOUCE FRANCE, is very clear and pure. Personnaly I really like it. Each guest cabin has a double bed which can convert to two single. I didn’t find CILIAM available for charter on the web. If any body has more information about this catamaran, please let me know.

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