Hugo Le Breton, founder of Le Breton Yachts contacted me and sent me some information about his creation the SIG 45. I thought with such a name the guy was French from Brittany where I leave. The SIG 45 being designed by VPLP with Bruno Peyron as a consultant I had no doubt this was a “Britanish project”. I was wrong. Hugo Le Breton is English/Dutch but he does speak French. Let me write about his amazing catamaran. First the SIG 45 is already a success, the first unit is sold, and deposits have been paid to reserve production slots for number 2,3 and 4. This is not a big suprise given the experts gathered around the project.

Architects :VPLP, the most famous and experienced multihulls designers in the world, if you read my blog you already know about them for their cruising catamarans but they have also designed many successfull racing multhulls.

Bruno Peyron is the technical consultant. Bruno has a very long experience of racing multihulls, he holds with the maxi-catamaran ORANGE 2 both the around the world record and the 24 hours record.

Bjorn Johanson has designed the award winning MIRAGE. He has drawn a very confortable yet minimalist interior. One hull welcomes the owner suite with a bathroom, a salon to seat six people and a generous galley. The other hull welcomes the guests or family, and the watch station. The inside living space eguals one of the 45 feet cruising monohulls. The deck of course is huge, double that a 45 feet monohull. As Hugo Le Breton says “This is not only a fast boat”. I can imagine a family or friends sailing between the Greek islands or in the BVI and why not in the Cheseapeake Bay. Often with sailing boats speed means shorter distances from one place to another but also safety to avoid bad weather forecasts. I don’t consider speed as dangerous. I am not a fan of competition but of fast sailboats yes, just for the fun of it.

The SIG 45 will be built all in carbon at the Indian Yachting shipyard in Italia. This shipyard is very famous for its work with carbon fiber. They recently launched a NAUTA 72 and has built three PRADA boats for the America’s Cup. They are also very good at teck work with few Wally Yachts on their list.

Well this is a long post, there is so much to say about the SIG 45 I recommend you to take a look at Le Breton Yachts Website :

No doubt that with such a team if I was looking for a fast catamaran to buy I would go for the SIG 45 without any hesitation and with a lot of confidence.

Mr Le Breton when SIG 80 or a SIG 100 ?
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