If you want to charter a fast, confortable and safe catamaran, SAFARI is for you. SAFARI is a GUNBOAT 62. She was elected Boat of the Year “Most Innovative” by Cruising World magazine in 2004. She is available for charter in the Caribbean. She was conceived by Peter Johnstone, designed by Peter Melvin and Gino Morelli (Playstation designers), and built at the GUNBOAT shipyard in Cape Town. She was built to very high quality standards to be a “world cruiser” as Peter Johnstone says. I will write more about GUNBOAT shipyard in a future post. She is crewed by Andy Key and Melissan Van Assen. Andy hold amongst other qualifications a MCA yacht master ocean unlimited and Melissa has followed various courses with Culinary Fusion. Both have sailed together for eight years. The interior is very confortable. You will find three queen beds in three cabins and seperated crew quarters. She has lots of toys including remote controlled sailed boats !!! With her very shallow draft SAFARI can take you almost anywhere in the Caribbean and at least places where most other boats won’t go. Thanks to her performance under sail you will be able to jump from one place to the other in no time. SAFARI speed limit so far reached is 30 knots sailing !!! The cruising speed while motoring is 10 knots which is great when the wind is somewhere else. Check out the Video on SAFARI’s website. You don’t have to go that fast but you know you can : that is luxury.
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