Yacht Share companies are popping up everywhere. If you don’t want to spend most of you time on your yacht I think it is a smart concept. You own part of a yacht (maybe larger you can afford), for part of the price, part of the running costs and you let a third party take care of all the management : crew, insurance, maintenance… You enjoy the yacht without most of the problems.

SKYLLA is an even more interesting concept :
  • The yacht is a fine catamaran built by Yacht Industries.
  • The yacht will set sail for a Five Year around the world trip. You will be able to join the adventure in very secluded and wild places around the world without “wasting time sailing” (I din’t write that).
  • Founded by Marc Claussen and Jason Weaver, SKYLLA is about sharing an adventure while respecting the environment, the local people and traditions. You will meet with native culture and untamed animals.

SKYLLA will start in the Caribbean in 2008. The adventures will take from the caribbean to the south pacific, oceania, micronesia, indonesia, indian ocean, atlantic ocean, and finally the mediterranean.

Let talk finance and numbers (look at their website for more complete information) :

  • 54 members share sold at 180 000 US$ each.
  • One share is one trip each year (for one member and a guest) for 5 years.
  • partnership asset value : 5 400 00 US$
  • 18 adventure per year
  • Vessel sold at the end of 5 years, residual value shared among holders.

The company will be register as a LLC Corporation which has many advantages for its share holder.

I think it is a great way to explore the world on a beautiful catamaran for a very reasonnable cost all along with a great respect for the environment and the people.

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