I don’t usually write about motor catamarans because the few designs I have seen so far didn’t really look great to me but this is a question of taste of course. But I do like BRADLEY, a 98 feet, built by H2X shipyard and Designed by Gilles Vaton (like the Nahema project I am currently working for).

I am very busy actually preparing of the Boat Show season starting in Septembre with Monaco so please excuse me I have just copied an paste the description of Bradley from the H2X shipyard.

“Bradley whisk along at more than 20 knots. The space inside is like a real appartment of 188 m². She has extremely comfortable sleeping accommodation for 14, and a range of more than 1000 nautical miles, cruising at 10 knots. She is perfectly suited for pleasure cruising in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Her refined interior design matches perfectly with the light tones of ceruse oak for the wall partitions and with the warmth of exotic wenge wood for the floor area. Her very modern exterior design simply bursts out from the lacquer evening blue and silver grey tones of her paint work. Walking around on the teak deck is a joy. This little jewel of excellence, provided with immense lateral, tainted window bays is equally a technological wonder. She is equipped with two hydro jets, which allows her to be extremely manoeuvrable. Her wheelhouse is equipped with the most up to date software and navigation systems conferring maximum security and easy usage. Everything on board is calculated to give free vent to comfort and pleasure. The launching of her tender or other jet skis is facilitated by a hydraulic tender lift. Her forward quarterdeck is huge. Equipped with a double spa and a well-shaded lounge, optimal sun-soaking comforts and pleasures are assured; in the manner of her stern swimming quarterdeck, almost at sea level and her outside but well shaded lounge. Not forgetting the satellite communication equipment which allows continuous worldwide coverage and incorporating audio and video multimedia systems in each of the 5 double cabins and the main lounge. Finally, for those with a discerning palet, a stainless steel, utility kitchen allows meals to be served worthy of the finest restaurants. Advantages of the Bradley: -Expansive layout: interior/exterior and second to none, top of the market equipment (equivalent to a 34-metre super yacht). -Reducible engine power: combining moderate fuel consumption with very high level speed performance. -With a length at water-line of 24m, she is extremely manoeuvrable and needs only a minimum crew. -Shallow draught. Principal assets: – Aluminium Hull and deck ensuring structural strength and reliability – Composite superstructure improving the way it handles during pitching and tossing. – Huge owner’s cabin with panoramic view and a private terrace – Optimisation of hull design, remarkable power output, extraordinary stability and wave-riding capacity”

Please have a look at H2X website it features great pictures of Bradley and other boats they have built or are in the process of building.
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1 Response to MCAT 88 – BRADLEY

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have seen a lot of nice boat’s at Sea and around the world, but I must say Lots of room in this one. I my self like that

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