For the first time is mentionned in the press and it is in Multihulls World on the websites pages. I have to say I was quite proud when I read the 5 lines about my blog. Multihulls World comes in two versions the english and the french called Multicoques Mag. This magazine features information about cruising and racing multihulls. The content is comprehensive with very interesting articles. I really like the shipyards news, the cruising section where you will find articles about people who are actually cruising on their catamaran and the sea trials. They also run a website where you can download the magazine in PDF format as well as previous sea trials, past editions, and special reports. Also on the website you can find a directory listing all the multihulls shipyard in the world which I used to start my blog : thanks multihulls world. Lots of good information if you plan to buy a catamaran. (below the cover of their special edition on ocean cruising on a catamaran).
By the way you can still sucribe to my blog using FEEDBLIZ on the right end side column of the blog. Suscribing through FEEDBLIZ will prevent you from receiving hundreds of spam. I wil not use your email adress for businness purposes or sell it to anyone else. This blog is for information and fun not for commercial purposes.
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