I found this 100 foot luxury catamaran being built at the ALUMARINE shipyard in France. Looking at the drawing on the ALUMARINE website I saw this catamaran was another (again) VPLP yacht design so I looked up on their website and found the same 3d’s with the same layout for a project name Cata-Rina. So I guess they are the same yacht and I hope I am not doing a mistmake. If you know more let me know. Alumarine is a shipyard with 20 years experience in building yachts and also dry docks, and working ships. In the yachting business they are famous for having built DOUCE FRANCE the largest cruising catamaran ever built so far and still a reference. Another guess : HH 100 stands for Highest Honour 100, in the ligne of HH 1 and 2 which were also VPLP designs and launched in 1991 (one of them being actually named LONESTAR, still in charter and refited in 2005). I will call the yacht CATA-RINA. This yacht is currently under construction for a private client. As it is described on VPLP yacht design website all the maneuvers are directed toward the flybridge. With her huge mast, her 400 m² sail area and VPLP design she should be a fast yacht. CATA-RINA will feature one owner and a VIP cabin with private access to the salon and cockpit. A complete hull is reserved to the crew and the Galley. The relaxing space in the salon, the cockpit, and the flybridge is huge. She will be certified MCA and Bureau Veritas. I hope we will know more about his yacht once it is launched.

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