Synergie Yachting offers solutions to the ownership of catamarans. They provide services such as delivery, crew placement, charter preparation and can act as consultants in all the issues related to catamaran ownership. They are also offering the Synergy Fractionnal Ownership program. After the real estate, the plane industries many of these programs are being developed in the yachting industry. They enable an owner to own part of a yacht for part of the cost and “none of the troubles” since the yacht is managed by a third party. The directors of Synergy, Phil Scott and Tom Ashwell, have a 15 years experience in sailing, building and managing catamaran. For their Fractionnal ownership program they have selected well built and valuable catamarans such as the Lagoon 57, Privilege 585 and Privilege 745 (picture below). They have also worked with VPLP design on the Synergie 88 as they write on their website “Our Synergy fleet needed a flagship and we realised that the only way to own the ultimate catamaran was to specify, design and build it in-house using major players in the industry. We want the best looking, fastest and most luxurious catamaran we can get, and being the highest level of synergy ownership, we don’t have to compromise. Nothing will be overlooked, the bespoke Synergy 88 will simply be the best.” The Synergie 88 has been designed specially to serve their Synergie Global Yacht club project. In this program a fleet of three or more catamarans will sail the world offering the clients the opportunity to sail through a range of worldwide destinations or to unite the catamarans for booking or special event.

Synergy website is great, full of beautiful pictures and provides very clear information. On the download page you will find pdf format brochure of all their services and programs.
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