Another luxury catamaran concept found on the web, the SEA-VOYAGER 83. This unusual mega catamaran has been developped by Vincent Duchatelet and his design agency E.S.Y concept. Apparently the famous Skipper, Loic Peyron, is also at the origin of the concept. Have a look at Loic Peyron’s website and check the list of his records and victories, it is amazing. He is actually heading the Gitana’s Sailing Team, owned by the Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, a familiy with a long sailing tradition. The main suprise in the SEA-VOYAGER concept is the aft cabin roof located on the platform. This unusual feature will enable the guests to have a very private access to their cabins and I guess an amazing view on the sea. In his website Vincent Duchatelet explains that every thing onboard has been though out to make sailing easy and confortable for the crew and the guests for a navigation around the world. The SEA-VOYAGER 83 has also a little sister the SEA-VOYAGER 63. The first unit has been sold to a chinese customer and will be launched in 2009.

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