MAGIC CAT was designed, built by Gilles Ollier’s team at the Multiplast shipyard and launched in 1996.
She has been completely refitted in 2005 after 10 years of intensive sailing, including a three years around the world voyage and is still in perfect conditions. She is probably the fastest luxury cruising catamaran ever built so far.
MAGIC CAT has benefited from the great experience of Multiplast in building racing multihulls. She was built in vacuum bagged carbon composite, features a kevlar rigging with a rotating wing carbon mast and a carbon boom. Very fast, she is capable of cruising above true wind speed with usual speeds over 25 knots. With 4 double cabins for 8 quest, she is handled by a crew of three.
During the 12 month refit at her birth shipyard, the structure has been completely checked. New systems, engines, generators, have been installed. MAGIC CAT is ready to go for another ten years of luxury and fast sailing. She is available for sale with Philippe Guillemin at Willmar Usa.
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  1. Louis says:

    Sebastien,I love your blog and the articles. I visit often. I think I like the black background better because it makes the pictures stand out. I don’t know how much time you can dedicate to this blog but I wonder if you could interview some of the designers and builders you write about. Maybe you can send them a little questionaire that they can fill out on their own time. Just an idea.Also, I think you should start advertising on your blog. Google ads would be good at first. It would add an air of acceptability and also make your blog more interesting even if your last article is more than a week old.Thanks,Louis

  2. luxurycat says:

    Thanks a lot Louis. I did change the colour so the pictures could stand out. I didn’t get in touch directly with designers because you are right this is time consuming and I wanted the blog to have enough content to look serious before doing that. I guess now it would be time. Your idea of a questionnaire is very good. I will work on that. I thought about advertising on the blog 6 months ago but I wanted to keep this blog a luxury information blog and I would prefer to have luxury brands advertise on the blog. I also need to work on that. Any way thanks a lot again I try to write at least two posts a week. I have had many encouraging messages lately about the blog.

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