I just browsed again through SUNREEF website’s (a very ergonomic and informative website) launched page . SUNREEF has launched 15 SUNREEF 62 catamarans, one SUNREEF 60 monohull, one SUNREEF 74 catamaran (the largest launched so far until the SUNREEF 102 DD is launched in 2009). This shows the success of the shipyard and specially of the 62 foot serie.
If you have a look at each one of the 62s you will notice that even if they feature quite standard hull and layout options, they really have very different interior design going from classic with MISTER T to modern with MOONSTONE, minimalist with DEPENDE IV (check the video on line) and quite suprising with TRIGGER. Hulls color are also quite customized and innovative. SUNREEF hosts its own design departement and can work together with the owners’ designer. All the 62s have been launched between the 17 th of may 2005 and 16 of October 2007 with 6 this year: quite an impressive score. SUNREEF’s team made the right choice to bet on the 62 foot size. All the 62s are in composite (expect the first MISTER T in aluminium) and the last one, HERENUI is the first being built using an infusion process. Luckily most of the 62s are available through SUNREEF charter which is a good way to try a boat before buying a new one. SUNREEF is a very active, strongly developing shipyard with an efficient marketing and PR strategy. They’ve well understood that in order to attract new customers they had to have a comprehensive offer of service such as charter, used boats and yacht management services and communicate efficiently on their specificites. More to come soon in 2008 with a SUNREEF 67 POWER and a SUNREEF 67 (sailing) and for 2009 with the launching of the mega sailing catamaran SUNREEF 102 DOUBLE DECK.
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