UBICA 40 by Ubica Disseny Nàutic

I recently ran over this motor catamaran concept the UBICA 40 by Barcelona based design team UBICA. This design team is working in very different fields such as interior and transportation (cars, equipment, motorcycles) design and is delivering very high quality 3DS as you can see in this post.
This UBICA 40 is quite an inovative design for a fast motor catamaran with many interesting features not found anywhere else.
She features a lot of confortable leaving spaces with great view on the outside and a lot of light inside. The hulls hosts confortable cabins in a very pure design with separate heads. The platform welcomes sports seats in a high glass covered bridge to enjoy the speed, sofas with a table in the fore deck and an open kitchen on the aft deck.
This unique catamaran will be powered by biodiesel honeywell multifuel turbines and and electrical turbines. Top speed should be 50 knots while medium cruising speed 29 knots and 10 knots under electricity in a quiet mode. I guess the designers wanted to combine performance while reducing the effects on the environement. If any one of you knows whether or not this unique yacht is currently being built please let me know.
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