I discovered this amazing project in the latest issue of Boat International, one of my favorite magazine. Like most magazines at the end of the year they publish design trends for the year to come. Martin Levi, from design studio levi, has designed this amazing yacht which starts as a catamaran and ends as a monohull !!!! Quote from Boat International on page 137 “This unique vessel’s highly original hull geomtery is called a reverse tri-cycle“.
This shape in fact is very logical: when the boat goes fast the air it generates enters the space between the two hulls and since there is an obstacle at the end, the air lifts the boat thus reducing wetted area resistance and increasing the speed. This yachts is supposed to achieve a range of 2000 nautical miles at 90 knots !!!! and 2 800 at 50 knots her cruising speed !!! What is the gaz tank capacity ?
An under cover deck will host twin helipad, swimming pool and relaxing areas. The RW 100 will also welcome a tender dock, a submarine and a motorcycle and car garage.
Levi is not knew to designing fast boats he has designed the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II for Richard Branson. Is this yacht for Brason too?
If you like boat design I recommend you to buy the January 2008 issue of Boat International. Most of the time I am not a real fan of motoryacht but there is a great article on SILVER a 73.3 m with a very narrow 10 m beam designed by Espen Oeino International and built at the Hanseatic Marine shipyard in Australia. Check their website the pictures of SILVER are really beautiful.
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