Dramatically more stable…

The CURVELLE team go together in 2004 to create the first real range of mega power catamaran with two models the CURVELLE 33 and the CURVELLE 41. They think (just as I do) that catamarans have a great future among luxury yachts as they are more stable and efficient in terms of speed, fuel economy and range than monohulls. Thanks to stability and width, CURVELLE designers have been able to offer six spacious guests cabins on the main deck with a lot of windows and great view on the sea. Also thanks to width and stability the CURVELLE 33 for example offers an extra deck and as much space as a 40 meter monohull. Finally a very important marketing advantage the CURVELLE 33 costs half the price a monohull of the same size. CURVELLE are distributed by YACHTMARKETING a London based company founded by Luuk V. van Zanten who is also running a consulting company YACHTCONSULTING.
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