I know this is a “standard” thing but I really wish all of you a very happy new year for 2008. I am very happy this month for personnal reasons I am just the father of a second daughter and though this can not be compared to anything else, the Luxury Catamaran blog is doing great with according to statcounter 3 334 unique visitors which is a record for such a niche blog. I don’t know if this is the result of all the work I have done but I have followed some advices from gourou daren problogger , thanks daren and also from Eric presse-citron in French. I also had hit records from the post about the RW 100 – Levi Design which is truly an impressive project. This post has been published on high quality and reardership blogs such as guizmodo.com; guizmodo.fr; superluxuryblog.com; intechnews.com; bornrich.org; powercatamaran; design alligator; ipodexpress.net; sorry if I forgot others and thanks to all the blogs (you can sea the complete list at my Technorati page). Sometimes people ask me why I write in english since I am french but I couldn’t share my passion for luxury catamarans with so many people should I write in French. The coming years are very promissing for luxury catamarans, I have done some research on the web and I have counted 14 sailing luxury catamaran above 70 feet right now in production to be launched in the coming two years and around 25 built in the last 17 years (this counts only cruising catamaran not day charter ones) . Clearly the market is strongly increasing (I didn’t count the motor luxury catamarans, I still have to work on that) since catamaran have many advantages other monohulls. You can keep in touch with the blog by suscribing to the rss feed through feedbliz on the right end side column, use all the widgets at the end of each post to send the post to a friends, stumble it, digg it, facebook it, deli.cio.us it… and do not hesitate to rate it. Please again do not hesitate to send me information, comment the post… Post to you next year, have a good one.
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