Eight months have passed since I wrote a post about the GUNBOAT 62 SAFARI which really is a great looking catamaran. SAFARI also has a blog now. GUNBOAT is one of the most popular keyword used to access my blog. I am not suprised by the success of the GUNBOAT concept : fast, safe, top quality catamaran for owners who really want to sail far away with great daily average. Excatly my type. On the water speed is fun but most of all it means safety. Peter Johnston, GUNBOAT’s boss, just sent me some news. They have sold 6 of their GUNBOAT 66 (with others sales pending) and one of their GUNBOAT 90 (with other sales pending), which is quite a success.

Each GUNBOAT can be fully customized. The first GUNBOAT 90 features four doubles suites with their own heads and direct access to the saloon. The starboard hull hosts the captain’s cabin and the port side hull hosts the crew mess. The galley is up, which is great feature available on catamarans, and also functions as a bar. The view in the salon is 360 degree open on the outside. The design of the salon looks really confortable with the GUNBOAT’s touch : a chart table and navstation with I guess a carbon wheel at mast foot for the view and shelter. I really like the classical interior by Rhoades Young. They have a long list of sailboats interiors references for famous shipyards as Royal Huisman ANTARES, Vitters MYSTERE, Swan ARISTICHOS. You might think the salon looks quite small for a 90 foot catamaran, well first this is a fast boat and second you have two cockpits on the GUNBOAT 90 one at the aft and one at mast foot. Boats are nothing but compromise. The aft cockpit features two tables for all fresco dining and direct access to the transom and the main dinghy platform whichs transorms to a swimplatform. The cockpit at mast foot is quite impressive it is divided into two salons located in each hull. Finally you can access the roof which makes a huge sunbathing platform. This luxury catamaran is designed to enjoy the sun. If you want to see more of the GUNBOAT 90 go on GUNBOAT’s new great looking website.

I will keep you update with this project and hopefully I will manage to get some pictures of the first GUNBOAT 66.

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4 Responses to GUNBOAT 90

  1. henryg says:

    Has this cat launched? I have searched the internet, and the last update on the progress was in September of 2008.

  2. luxurycat says:

    Hi Henry, I don't think the GUNBOAT 90 has been launched yet. I will let you know as soon as I know.Thanks for your commentsebastien

  3. Paul says:

    It is being launched today in Cape Town

  4. luxurycat says:

    thanks paul, any pictures ? I would love to sea them

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