Always surfing the web looking for yachts cruising on two hulls, I did some research (short) on Wave Piercing Catamarans. It seems it is an Australian and New Zealand specialty since most of the luxury wave piercers I found were designed and/or built in Australia and New Zealand and some Asia. Here are a few of them.
SHER KHAN – Agressive Looking Exterior
This is SHER KHAN, a 75-footer. She was built in 2003 in Brisbane and offers three double cabins for 6 guests with a crew of 3. Her Asian interior design contrasts with her agressive exterior. Apparently SHER KHAN has been sold and was located in Phuket, Thailand. If you have more information let me know.
SHER KHAN soft interior

HARUKU cruising

This is HARUKU, 22 meter designed by famous catamarans designers Incat Crowther. HARUKU was designed for an Indonesian Owner. HARUKU has accomodations for 6 guest and 3 crews. With a service speed of 24 knots she is also a long distance cruiser. She was launched in 2002 by the Austal group which is a garantee of her quality, they have the most impressive list of launched motor catamarans with facilities in Australia, Asia and the USA.

HARUKU salon


Last for today, ULTIMATE LADY, a 26.7 meter wave piercing luxury catamaran, Super Yacht of the Year Award in 1998. ULTIMATE LADY was designed by New Zealand CRAIG LOOMES DESIGN GROUP LIMITED. I guess if you are looking a wave piercing yacht you should get in touch with those guys. They are wave piercing specialists from catamarans to trimarans with design project up to 86 meters. ULTIMATED LADY can cruise 3000 miles at 25 knots.

This is just a short survey, you now have the links to the major designers and builders. I will write a post in the coming weeks about the adavantges/disadvantage of wave piercers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a fan of waive pierce design, besides craig loomes you could also check http://www.nwbs.com.au/Yachts_Overview.html north west bay specialized in ferries but that has a lovely mega yatch trimaran and also the http://www.newzealandyachts.com both have great power multihulls to show.best regardsRoger

  2. luxurycat says:

    thanks roger I will use the links in a future post. I already knew about newzealandyachts.com there is a great video of the mega catamaran.Thanks againsebastien

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