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Alcyon 120 – Paul Renaud

In a previous post I introduced to you the luxury catamaran Alcyon 120 of Alcyon Yachts designed by Paul Renaud. Paul Renaud also run the Sealinea Design studio specialised in Yachting and Architecture. Sealinea can tranform you drawing, 3ds, computer files into realistic and precise images.

I was really impressed by the Alcyon 120 renderings and discovered that Paul Renaud could apply his expertise in other fields such as architecture and product design.

Paul Renaud

From my personnal experience in Marketing and PR, I know that good images are very important and can make a big difference when you a have to present a project to potential clients, investors or to the press.

Paul Renaud

The Alcyon Yachts catamaran projects Alcyon 120 (S/Y), Alcyon 50 (M/Y) and Alcyon 52 (M/Y) fly are really advanced projects with comprehensive design, price and production information for anyone interested in promoting and building one of these luxury catamaran.
Should you need more information just click on the link.

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