Eye catching Yacht

Special thanks to Roger who left a message on my blog and is a fan of wave piercer.

New Zealand Yachts is a shipyard located guess where specialized in designing and building Wavepiercer Yachts. They have also done recenlty the refit of BELLA DONA and DOUCE FRANCE the world largest sailing catamaran.
New Zealand Yachts has developped a line of Wave Piercer Catamaran Yachts from 25 to 50 meters.

They see 4 main advantages in this type of yachts :
  1. Environementally sound : 40 % lower fuel consumption than a monohulls and hull shape specially designed to protect corals reefs and have less influence on the sea environment.
  2. An amazing stability : slamming is really reduced. The air trapsact as cushion and smooth the ride even at high speeds in a 4 meter sea.
  3. Increased Real Estate : 25 % more interior and exterior space compare to a monohull
  4. Style : I have to admit that the Ken Freivokh (Maltese Falcon Designer) exterior design is quite nice for a motor yacht which I am not always a fan off.

Great Bathing Plaform – goes up while cruising

SPIRIT 35 was launched in 2004 and was awarded “the International Superyacht Design Award” by the Superyacht Society.

SPIRIT 35 offers her guest 258 square meters inside and 252 square meters outside for 10 guest, a lot of room. Definitely a head turner, she is available for charter ( EUR€ 98000.00-120000.00/wk) in the med and for sale at (15 950 000 USD).

Master Suite

You will find a great video of the SPIRIT 35 on You Tube.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the citation. Another company that makes a nice power cat in aluminium is Sunboats (www.sunboats.com.br) they seem to have a great product, the naval architect is recognized as a very good one, but I donnot hear about them on the market…a nice boat anyway…Best regardsRoger

  2. luxurycat says:

    Thanks roger I know about sunboats and I plan to write a post about them in the next future. They have great designs and are working now with bertram in the US.Have a good day wherever you are.sebastien

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