SEAFARIS, winner of the 2007 World Superyacht Awards, is a very easthetic 41 meter catamaran. She comes out of the drawings of famous Incat Crowther, with an interior by Altis Architecture/Water Line Yacht Design and was launched in 2006 at Forgacs Shipyard (Australia). SEAFARIS, owned by a property developper who was very involved with all the design and building process of the yacht, is available for charter on The Great Barrier Reef. The huge master suite and the 4 guests state rooms are all located on the main deck with a large view on the sea. Overall, thanks to SEAFARIS width and well though layout, the interior offer a lot more than on a 41 meter monohulls. The interior features lots of art contemporary artworks.

SEAFARIS website is really great with lots of information. One the opening page you have access to the videos and in the plan&press section you can download all the technical information as well as the charter brochure.

I like this motor catamaran. It really seems to have been designed for relaxation and fun.

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