Happy Birthday Luxury Catamaran
I just realized your luxury catamaran blog is one year old.
I started posting on this blog on March 27 th 2007. At the beginning I started to experience with blogs for fun and because I am found of cruising cats. Now, writing a post is real hapiness for me. Plus, I learn a lot about the business.
The luxury catamaran business is really booming with many projects being built and on the drawing boards. I am olding a few info for you for the coming weeks until I am authorized to publish them. New projects to come are really innovative in terms of design and building processes, not just replicas of older cats and that is a sign of well being.

GEMINI the world largest sailing luxury catamaran – 145 ‘

2008 will be the year GEMINI, the largest sailing luxury cat ever built so far will be launched and I can’t wait to see the first pictures.

Great projects such as the NAHEMA 120, the SUNREEF 102, the BLUBAY 95, the BLUBAY 92, , the GUNBOAT 90, the YAPLUKA DD 85, the CATANA 87, the two EXCLUSIVE 76, the third MATRIX 76 will be either launched and sailing or well advenced by the end of the year.
Thanks to those of you who take time to leave some comments.

Thanks to those who have suscribed to the blog through FeedBlitz (right end column) many of you are in the industry. I will send you my short history of catamarans by the end of the week before publishing it on the blog next month.
Luxury Catamaran gets on average (since 1 January 2008) and according to the beta version of statcounter 164 page loads, 82 unique visitors and 14 returning visitors a day from all around the world which is quite good for such a niche subject.

For 2008 I would like to move to a three column template. I have tried experiments with wordpress but it takes me to much time to switch. If any one of you knows a free 3 column blogger templates I can customize through blogger, please let me know.

More to come on luxury catamaran, stay tuned.

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  1. Guigui says:

    You can try http://www.over-blog.comI use it, and it is very user friendly. They have many different templates to use. By the way, Bravo for your blog… great information on the yachts luxury market.

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