The last press release of Exclusive Marine (I just copied it, I know it’s a shame).

Patrick Sassier, keeping a keen eye on the ExclusivE76
The 43 years old Patrick Sassier holds since 2005 a position as Exclusive Marine Consultant. A long time professionnal big yacht and charter skipper, Patrick shows plenty of experience to supervise the maxi cat construction phase at the King Cat/VIP composites shipyard in Olonne sur mer (western France) and to finalize Georges Benarroch’s plans. Here’s what Sassier has to say about this exciting endeavour.

1) How would you define your job at Exclusive Marine?
Patrick Sassier : Patrick Sassier : “I started out as Project manager, but i’d rather call myself a consultant. Early in 2005, Georges Benarroch asked me to help him out setting out the final plans for his Maxi cat. Quite naturally I got involved in the building process of the yacht, starting with the molds at the Multiplast shipyard in Vannes (Brittany-France), and moving along with the actual construction at King Cat / VIP Composite. I act very much like a go-between exchanging datas and ideas between ExclusivE Marine and the owner of the first yacht being built. At the moment, i’m concentrating on the building process, working closely with the yard’s technicians, with a strong focus on the deck layout, mast rigging, …. all these aspects of a fundamental importance as I shall be the yachts skipper when navigation and tuning up time comes around. I shall also become the owner’s first skipper.”

2) How much experience do you have on this type of yacht?“I’ve been involved with yachting for over 15 years. I’ve sailed many different yachts, Classic boats as well as big 80 ft motor boats, not to mention 5 years as a skipper for Magic Cat with over 60 000 miles chartering around the world.”

3) in your opinion, what makes ExclusivE 76 so much different from other yachts? “

The ExclusivE 76 is a multi functional sailing yacht with a “semi custom” concept. She offers many different sailing opportunities. She can be an owner’s personal yacht with as many options as possible as well as a charter yacht. As a Maxi Cat, she offers both comfort and performance, which is in this market category a great asset. Architect Gilles Ollier’s experience in multihull sailing is also a great asset. Just by looking at the shape of the hull, one realizes how effective the yacht will be no matter the weather conditions.”

4)At what stage is the building of the ExclusivE 76?

“King Cat / VIP Composites shipyard is working around the clock on the first yacht. We are doing great progresses in the building process thanks to the designers and to the shipyards architects. The two hulls have been succesfully unmolded. Deck, flushdeck, floors are being set up and we are already working on the plumbings and on the main engines. We ‘re still planning a july launching…”

The Exclusive 76″ in figures :

  • 70m² :the largest flush deck in its category
  • 33 to 36 tons : displacement
  • 23,20 m : LOA
  • 21,40 metres : length
  • 10,50 mètres : beam
  • 3 or 4 : cabins
  • 311m2 : sail area
  • 1,25 m : draught
  • 2 : current orders at Exclusive Marine

All the news www.exclusive-marine.com

Press : Denis van den Brink + 33 (0)6 07 91 65 66 / + 33 (0) Tanguy Blondel 06 88 45 35 36

Exclusive Dealer for the USA www.willmarusa.com

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