The ExclusivE 76, the yacht of dreams

Press Release From Exclusive Marine.

Thursday may 1st 2008

The ExclusivE 76, the yacht of dreams

The construction of the ExclusivE 76, a maxi-catamaran for long distance cruising, is continuing at the VIP/Composites yard in Olonne-sur-Mer (85) on France’s Atlantic coast. This twin-hulled yacht will soon emerge from the workshops to pass directly into sea trials, prior to heading to the large international boat shows. The fruit of several years of reflection on cruising sailing, the ExclusivE 76 has primarily been designed to convey its future owners in ideal conditions towards some heavenly horizons…A shallow draft!
The full impact of the ‘semi-custom’ concept, so cherished by Georges Benarroch, founder of the “Exclusive Marine” company, will come into play in 2008. Indeed, even though the size of the hulls will always be the same, it is possible for each future owner to imagine his or her own rig, interior layout (the cabins being highly modular) and the boat’s appendage configuration (keels or daggerboards). The first version of the ExclusivE 76 will be above all else a ‘luxury’ configuration. The teak deck, the refinement of the interior design, the carbon mast and boom are evidence of this.

A floating dream the ExclusivE 76, the first of its name, will be a high quality yacht. Whether it is in terms of pure performance on the water or the level of comfort, the ExclusivE 76 has a wealth of assets.
The design office managed by Gilles Ollier, designer of the ExclusivE 76, is predicting speeds in excess of 15 knots downwind. The deck/saloon lounge area with its 360 degree panoramic view will attain 70m2, a record in this category of yacht. Added to this is the shallow draft, with its retractable daggerboards which once lifted give a minimum draft of 1300 mm, and will enable easy access when sailing with family and friends to the world’s most beautiful bays, a unique feature of Exclusive Marine. “A catamaran already accommodates a lot more space than a monohull; so when it also benefits from a large bright saloon, very short daggerboards to get in close to the beaches, high quality interior design (furniture), we are reaching out to the very latest desires of the enthusiastic long distance cruiser. The ExclusivE 76 will be the highest performer in its category whilst providing maximum safety” explains Georges Benarroch.
A yard making great headway.To build a high class 76 foot craft isn’t a simple matter. For a number of months the VIP/composites yard has been tackling the demanding specifications. Currently numerous elements are represented inside the ExclusivE 76. The cocoons of the ‘owner’s’ and ‘guest’ cabins have been installed in the hulls so as to perform various tests. The seating, glazing and deck have also been positioned prior to a final fit. At the same time the ‘crew’ cabin (mounted without a cocoon), the installation of the engines and the electrics are nearing completion. Reminder: Gilles Payen’s cocoons, head of VIP Composites: “We have manufactured some cocoons, which are like large cases the size of the galley, the cabins… in which we will install the furniture… They will then be incorporated directly into the ExclusivE 76. This method, which is a novel addition to our working methods, will enable us to make faster progress in the construction of the yacht, whilst greatly facilitating the work of the specialised staff, such as joiners, electricians or plumbers…

A real challenge in our manufacturing process!”

  • 70m2: the largest deck/saloon lounge area in its category
  • 33 to 36 tonnes: the controlled displacement of the ExclusivE 76
  • 23.20 metres: LOA
  • 21.40 metres: waterline length
  • 10.50 metres: beam
  • 3 or 4: the number of cabins according to the future owner’s wishes
  • 311m2: surface of the upwind sails
  • 1.25 metres: draft (pivoting daggerboards)
  • 2: the number of craft on order at Exclusive Marine
  • Discover the latest information about the ExclusivE 76 at

ExcluvisE dealer for the USA – Philippe Guillemin –

Rights free photos for the press and the web: Denis Van den Brink and Guillaume Hennes

Press contacts: Denis van den Brink +33 (0)6 07 91 65 66 / Tanguy Blondel +33 (0)6 88 45 35 36
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