A tip off from Synergy Yachting : The TAG 60

Thanks again to Tom Ashwell from Synergy Yachting for sending me the most updated news on the projects they want to share with us.

Words are from Tom Ashwell.

Are you ready for the TAG 60? (you bet I am)

Go to Tag Yachts and Tag Yachts Sales websites and ask yourself these questions :

1. Styling – Is the TAG60 not the best looking catamaran you have ever seen? Looks fast and sexy even on the dock!
2. Sailing – Is this what it is all about. High performance sailing on a cat which is responsive and quick even in light airs under 10knots. Why motor if you can sail faster? The TAG 60 has a very efficient and powerful racing sail plan and rotating carbon wing mast which results in exciting sailing at speeds that will leave all other cruising cats behind. To achieve high milage runs in fair conditions and comfortable seas is what makes long distance passagemaking a pleasure. The dual helm stations are positioned to allow a good view of the sails, course up ahead and to be part of the action both on the windward and leeward side whichever you prefer. This also makes docking easy with an excellent view down the side of the boat.

3. High performance doesn’t mean you have to have a hard physical workout or be an Americas Cup Grinder. The TAG 60 utilises a hydraulic system to control sails and anchoring. reefing is also simplified with an innovative in boom furlingsystem all at the push of a button.

4. Environment – The time to act responsibly with regards to the environment is now. The TAG 60 uses an electric hybrid diesel propulsion system which saves energy, diesel and limits waste and regenerates energy whilst sailing.

5. Space – Comfortable and adaptable living space is what makes living on the water in a ever-changing variety of conditions possible. The evolutionary salon layout of the TAG 60 allows one to enjoy all weather conditions without having to put out cumbersome awnings and be able to enjoy both sunny and shaded seating at all times. Have a good look at the layout and 3D graphics on line.

6. Living on a yacht is about enjoying the sailing and the lifestyle. The TAG60 utilises a computer network system to monitor all systems to make monitoring and maintaining efficient. Touch screen displays in the sailing cockpits and the navigation station shows you all.

7. Access to the water is made easy with wide transoms and a new dinghy platform which lowers the dinghy into the water for launching, protects it while sailing and acts as a great area to setup watersports gear or just as your own private “beach”. The platform can be set at any height so that it can be set at water level to act as a dock for off loading gear and provisions or be used as easy access for playtime.

8. The TAG 60 was designed with ease of use in mind. This 60 foot cat is the ideal world cruiser that is easy to managed with one or two people.

The new generation of catamaran has arrived.

Want to know more? Also have a look at Young Yacht Design for further information on Greg Young the designer and his previous catamarans.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions we’d love to share
this exciting design with you.

TAG 85

I am taking the helm again. TAG Yacht has also a Tag Young 70 going on production at the end of 2009 and am amazing TAG 85.

There is a lot to read on their website but it is worth it, you will learn about the TAG concept but also about catamarans in general. The team around the project looks really great and I am sure in the growing catamaran market, this great performing design built in South Africa by kwnolegeable people will meet its public.

The first TAG 60 is actually being built.

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1 Response to A tip off from Synergy Yachting : The TAG 60

  1. This looks like a great yacht! I will have to see if there is one for sell by where I live. I'd love to go in and actually check this out. If it is at all possible! Thanks for the post!

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