A real nice looking catamaran

Some news of the smallest of my luxurious catamarans the all carbon SIG 45 by LeBreton Yachts. I decided to write a few posts about this project because I think it really shows how a boat building project should be handled. You begin by defining the best way you can the concept behind your project, in this case to “combine beauty, genuine speed and confort in yachts that are fast, exciting and simply enormous fun whether for fully crewed racing or short handed cruising”. Then You get some advice from a great sailor with lots of experience for the SIG 45 : Bruno Peyron (see my previous post), and you find the best subcontractors corresponding to the projet : the architect (VPLP in this case for a fast multihull), Indiana Yachting for the shipyard (lost of experience in composite work) and an innovative talented

designer Bjorn Johansson (who tragically died in a motorcycle accident early this year).

The SIG 45 galley and salon in the port side hull.

The SIG 45 will be launched this summer. This fast catamaran with its sleek design also offers a luxurious interior with three double cabins and two heads.

The SIG 45 salon with lots of light inside.

The SIG 45 at the Indiana Yachting shipyard

As you can see on the picture above published in the April Newsletter of Le Breton Yachts the hulls and the deck have been assembled together and the sails have been cut by Northsail in Connecticut.
An interesting feature of the project is also the one design class rules which is actually being developped. This will enable owners to enjoy exciting racing with their SIG 45 everything being organised by the the SIG 45 class association.
I told you they thought about every thing.
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3 Responses to SIG 45 – ALMOST THERE

  1. Abrantes says:

    Congratulations abaout your amazing blog.Please, show for us something abaout the projects SAILOR 164 and RACER 164 from VPLP.Looks like an evolution of fantastic Cilliam (ex LAGO 92)

  2. luxurycat says:

    Thank you very much abrantes. The only information I have about the sailor and racer are on VPLP’s website but I will publish something about them soon. Check VPLP website in the coming days you should find a new amazing 110 footer built in france.

  3. Anonymous says:

    sig 45 looks like a great project I have a very similar boat myself designed by tony grainger of Australia…I dont think the sig will be launched in time for summer I hear that INDIANA YACHTING are a bit prone to not paying workers and suppliers

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