SUNREEF really is a moving shipyard, they have designed and launched this very nice looking 70 foot power catamaran with and for LAURENT BOURGNON (yes the famous racing sailor !!!) and his family. The SUNREEF 70 will be displayed and available for visit and sea trials at the Cannes Boat Show.

More information in the press release by Ewa Stachurska.

Laurent Bourgnon – a successful cooperation with Sunreef Yachts resulting in creation of the 70 Sunreef Power


Famous for winning numerous regattas and solitary ocean crossings, french sailor Laurent Bourgnon will be the capitan of the first power boat by Sunreef, the 70 Sunreef Power.

Having a huge experience in sailing and a deep knowledge of the sea and its secrets, Laurent has all necessary education in the field of naval engineering and mechanics to cooperate efficently with Sunreef’s in-house design and naval architecture team.

Beginning of the fruitful cooperation

As a participant of the famous rally Paris – Dakar in 2002, Laurent gets in touch with Francis Lapp, Sunreef’s founder and president, a big fan of extreme sports and of the desert himself. At that time, Francis Lapp just established his shipyard specialised in luxury sailing catamarans design and construction. As soon as Laurent revealed to his new friend his plan of a round-the-world trip with in family and they decided to work together on a very special project of the first power yacht in the Sunreef range.

Purpose-built project

Laurent wants to take a challenge of proving that a power yacht can be environment friendly and the trip on board of a power boat can cost almots the same as in case of a sailing boat!

„ With the optimized engines and propellers and very performant, marine hulls, as well as solar panels and wind propelled alternators, my power cat will be able to navigate far with relatively low fuel consumption and reach the range of 8000 nautical miles while cruising at 8 knots, which might seem incredible but it’s true. I honestly beleive that both sail and power yachts can be environment friendly”, says Laurent Bourgnon.

Supported by Sunreef’s naval architects, Laurent begins the research of an elegant, performant and safe yacht with a refined bow, to carry out a round-the-world in family, with his wife and four children.Sleek and high marine hulls will enhance fast cruising and easy waves piercing without strong engine power engaged. Built of epoxy using under vacuum infusion and layed out according Bourgnon’s family wishes, the 70 Sunreef Power will be powered by two Volvo Penta of 370 HP and will have fuel capacity of 20000L, which will enable the yacht to cross oceans with the cruising speed equaling 12 knots and the autonomy of 3000 miles.

The Travel

After a wonderful experience of a 5 year travel round the world with his parents as a child, Laurent wishes to organize the same adventure for his own children in the period of one year.
As his children are still very young and not used to sailing and manoeuvring, Laurent decided to go for a power boat, a lot easier to handle by one person only. On board comfort was another criterion to accomplish by Sunreef in-house designers, for the yacht will be from now on their only home for at least a year, and Laurent’s youngest son is only three years old and needs some special safety accomodations.

Once departed from Poland, Laurent will sail along the West coast of the old continent and will call at Cap Vert Islands. After crossing of the Atlantic, they will arrive to Bresil and later to Argentina, to Patagonia precisely, where they will take part in a french travel program featuring travellers to this remote spot rich in blue icebergs, savage mountains and arctic air.
The next stop of their trip will be Easter Island and then French Polynesia where they are planning to stay for a longer time. Taking into account that Polynesia is as big as whole Europe, they are sure to discover many beautiful, heveanly places. Soon more details available.”

For more info please contact:
Ewa Stachurska
· 48 601 315 206″

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