This is the 100 th post on the luxurycatamaran blog.
I didn’t think I would go that far since lately I had less and less time available for the blog. I didn’t really think about stopping but rahter slowing down. So many people told me by mail or phone that they enjoy reading it so now I kind of feel committed. So lets keep on surfing the web looking for great luxury catamarans.

I found this Warwick Design doing some reasearch to write a newsletter for the Berret Racoupeau Design office. Warwick Yacht Design is an Auckland based design office with lots of designs in their book. They create motor and sailing yachts both monohulls and catamarans. The Warwick 100 is their largest sailing catamaran design and it is actually being built at the Yachting Development shipyard also based in Auckland. They’ve built some of the most beautiful monohulls in the world including one of my favorite BRISTOLIAN a 120 foot Briand Design (amazing design) launched last may. No doubt Q5 will be nicely built.

Q5 will be built in composite and offers a lot of room inside has you can see on the 3DS. Apparently there will be a huge master’s cabin at mast foot with a large view outside but the drawing for the layout are very small and I can’t see much of it.

The interior is design by the famous Uk based design studio Redman Whiteley Dixon.

Q5 should be launched in May 2009, if you have more information about her let me know.

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