Brian Eiland and I have exchanged a few mails. Brian is a designer with a very large experience in the business and specially in multihulls. We mainly exchanged about new rigs and specially Dyna Rig which became famous with the mega sailing yachts “Maltese Falcon”. Brian has written quite a lot about them and many other subjects you can find on his website. We both think that catamarans are a good platform to test new kinds of rigs. I think for myself that the Aerorig which is a self standing mast with a jib and a mainsail attached to the same boom is very nice in term of handling since tacking can not be easier. But first to my point it looks kind of ugly, is is heavy and offers a long of surface to the wind and on fast catamarans that might be a problem when you want to reduce sail in strong winds.
Brians’ article in the June 2007 issue of the Yacht Report
Dynarig seems more appropriate and I thing they are really nice looking, I am just wondering about the performances upwind. Any way Brian is more knowlegeable about them so check the following link :

Brian is also working on his concept of afmast sail.
Thanks Brian for your cheers and comments to the luxurycatamaran blog. You have a good time in thailand.
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