The Z90 is not a concept, it is actually being built in Italy. Designed by Berret Racoupeau, its sleek design will not go unnoticed. Olivier racoupeau told me that one of the main objective behind the exterior design was to integrated as much as possible all fittings.

  • Closed the transom doors disappear in the design, open they host a swim platform and stairs to the deck.
  • A large tender is hidden under the platform in between the hulls like they have design on the latest Fountain Pajot Catamarans.
  • A very distinctive feature, I have not seen on any other sailing catamarans is the large bulwark which protects the briges and allow fully save movement around the boat much like the Wally Essence.

The accomodations offers a lot of space.

  • The deck saloon at cockpit level hosts a dining and a relaxing area with a 360 view on the outsite.
  • The cockpit looks more like an outdoor salon with its coaches and confortable setees.
  • The owner suite is huge and benefit from the entire width of the roof, 5 meters. For the owner to be able to see outside and not being seen, and for sun protection BRYD has designed what we call in French “louves”. Couldn’t find a translation.

BRYD also has on the drawing board a 98 footer maybe in a future post.

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