YACHTS INDUSTRIES recently launched its new website and the BLUBAY 92

Yachts industries has now a much better website with lots of great pictures and explanations about the shipyard and the two brands they are building and marketing YAPLUKA and BLUBAY. I have already posted their videos which I am a great fan of. When I am bored sometimes I look at them and also Lady Barberetta’s. The video’s are not on-line yet but they should be soon. Since the beggining with Yapluka the company has invested in good quality marketing tools which I think are very important in the business. I think when you have a good quality video it should come on the first page of your website.

Yachts Industries was very brave when they launched their lastest adverstising not showing catamarans pictures but a Rubik’s Cube made of leather, wood, aluminum… Most of the time Yachting advertising is so concervative. I know what I am talking about since when I propose clients or potential clients to innovate in terms of advertising or public relation they are really afraid of changes. So congratulations to them.

Yacht industries also launched the BLUBAY 92, a very nice looking catamaran. I look forward to see her at the Cannes International Boat Show, there will be a lot of cats there which shows how this market market niche is doing.

More on the BLUBAY 92 in a future post.

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