The NOAH 76, another VPLP design, inspired by the exploration yacht concept, a really nice looking catamaran.

I am not a great fan of motor catamarans but I really like the design of the NOAH 76. Very elegant and not agressive, VPLP’s website says it is designed according to the exploration yacht concept but to me it looks more like a neo classic design with exploration capabilities. It is very luminous. If you look at the pictures of the model you can see that the salon is surrounded by large windows and opens on the cockpit on one side. In the middle a loft style helicoidal stairs goes up to the pilot house and to a huge intertainement terasse. The NOAH 76 offers three en suite cabins and one crew next to the galley and crew mess.

The NOAH 76 is very economical with ocean crossing autonomy and a draft as little as 3.3 feet. The NOAH 76 came out of the brain of Jean Claude Borgel, owner of many cats including the very famous 138′ DOUCE FRANCE.

A NOAH 88 is also available with an amazing owner suite.

You will be able to discover the NOAH’s at the Cannes International Boat Show from the 10 to the 15 th of September.
Now I am waiting for a designer to come out with a luxury sailing catamaran with a neo-classic exterior and interior design. If you know of any let me know.
The pictures of the NOAH 76 model are from Nicolas Claris.
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