Greg Young just sent me the following introduction to the YOUNG 80 an amazing looking and innovative catamaran. I have already written a post about the TAG 60 actually being built in South Africa. Greg also has a 90 footer on completion in Tunisia, he will keep us informed when the yacht is completed.

“words and 3ds by Greg Young”

Young 80

The Young 80 was initiated by a Dutch client for use in the Mediterranean from his base at St Tropez. Following preliminary design work on the Young 80, the client has now increased the project dimensions to 32m. As the details for the larger design remain confidential, the Young 80 concept can now be released. This design is unusual in that most catamarans (this size) currently under construction are maximizing the available space with multiple ensuite cabins, crew cabins and an “overabundance” of amenities. The Young 80 is built using race boat construction materials and techniques and is designed for the sailor who really wants to experience genuine high performance; including winds under 10 knots and helming pleasure.

The Young 80 is 24m long and was designed with 3 main attributes.

1 Performance

. The Young has a carbon mast and boom with PBO rigging, but most important is the fact it can achieve high rig tensions, handles large light air headsails and has high aspect carbon centreboards and rudders. High performance on its own wouldn’t be complete without the ease of handling; the Young 80 has a push button hydraulic sailing systems. How fast and how close to the edge you want to sail it will be up to the skipper, but the Young 80 will be more than capable of delivering performances that will leave you feeling exhilarated.

2. Aesthetically beautiful from every angle.

The emotion and feeling you get when you see this vessel for the first time is very important and establishes the excitement and anticipation of pleasure for your senses that remains with you forever. The feeling that this design creates is that of raw power, subtle lines, minimal extraneous features and sophisticated simplicity. The Young 80 has the proportions and a unique appearance that is simply stunning.

3.Comtemporary open plan leaving

One of the new concepts this design office has been introducing is the ability to have a variable living situation that can adapt depending on the weather and social occasions. With the Young 80 we have taken this concept to whole new level. The first benefit being with this concept is that it offers a better visual aesthetic. The second benefit of this cabin concept is that it effectively doubles the useable space normally found (on a single level cat)this size. Of course you do not get something for nothing, yet by creating a clever method of opening and closing this main cabin, we can change the living room environment with ease. The master cabin is of super yacht size and quality. The exterior features a unique 4 person “full depth” spa pool, sunbathing platforms and numerous seating configurations. The stern platform lowers to form a large docking area making it ideal for water sports. This is a fun cat!

For the Young 80 and other contemporary designs please contact Greg young at

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