The famous Porsche Design office is designing a 135 ft power catamaran to be sold under the Royal Falcon Fleet Brand.

From Luxist – Jared Paul Stern

Porsche Design is teaming up with Singapore-based yacht concern Royal Falcon Fleet on a new line of luxury catamarans and megayachts. The companies’ initial collaborative project will be a high-tech 135-ft. motor catamaran, dubbed the RFF135 (above), to be sold under the Royal Falcon Fleet brand. Porsche Design will design both the exterior hull and the interior of the megayacht, which is expected to do 35 knots and retail in the millions. Royal Falcon Fleet, which dubs its craft “the ultimate in billionaire boys’ toys,” has engaged cutting edge Swedish-based marine engineering firm Kockums and Australian catamaran builder Incat Crowther for the project’s naval architecture needs. No word yet on a completion date.”

Tank tests image from Luxury Insider

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