With the BLUBAY 92, and the BLUBAY 95 soon to be launched, Yachts Industries (also builder of the YAPLUKA range) based in Caen (France) is really acquiring the image of a mega catamaran builder with top quality production.
. This first BLUBAY 92 (a second for private use only is in production to be launched soon) is optimized for charter. It features four double suites for 8 guests and accomadations for a crew of 3 all with independent access to the salon. The salon/deck platform is huge and very confortable as you can see on the pictures. The interior design by Pierre Frutschi by was optimized for charter use and ease of circulation for guests and crew. The design is contemporary mixing dark floors with white furniture and light woods. The effect is relaxing. There is also a nice in house pilot house with a great view on the sea at mast foot. The flybridges hosts a good size jacuzzi and relaxing matresses.

Built in Sealium, a very light yet strong Aluminium, it should be quite fast at sea. During sea trials at the shipyard a speed of 14 knots was achieved under sails with force 3 winds.
I am sure this BLUBAY will have a lot of success in charter.
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