Discover the Miles and Dreams project. A 5 legs around the world tour aboard MANUAI (SUNREEF 62) or BLU GURU (SUNREEF 70). I think this really is a great idea.

The two catamarans will leave Barcelona after the Boat Show on November 2009.

The trip is divided in five legs, each between 3 to 4 months in duration, which allow you to choose the adventure that better adjusts your needs. The yachts will be crewed by professionnals with lots of experience in sailing. The project was iniated by Javier Visiers, a naval architect, a keen sailors who raced many professional race including 3 Whitbread and circumnavigated aboard a aboard a lagoon 47. Carlos Peris, an experienced sailor with over 10 transatlantic crossings and more than 20 years working as a professional sailor, is the co-founder of the project.
As written in the web site Miles and Dreams around the world will allow people to enjoy to take part in an adventure that usually requires a much higher investment, and previous sailing experience to make it truly enjoyable and “unforgettable”. You can rent a cabin for the whole circumnavigation or just for a specific leg or legs your are interested in. Both boats will always sail together to ensure all crewmembers and participants a high level of safety and social interaction”.
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