EXCLUSIVE 76 – I HAD A DREAM of a perfect cruising catamaran Georges Benarroch

I spent the day yesterday in Les Sables d’Olonnes (they are getting ready for the Vendée Globe) with Georges Benarroch the brain behind the EXCLUSIVE 76. Georges is obsessed by details and perfection and it really shows in the EXCLUSIVE 76 to be launched in February 2009.

Designed by the Gilles Ollier’s Design Team (designer of maxi catamaran Orange and famous cruising cat MAGIC CAT), buit by King Cat/VIP shipyard the specialist of the infusion process in France and with an interior Design by famous Yacht Designer Jean Pierre Fantini, the Exclusive is really well born. The most impressive to me was that Georges Benarroch before starting the project has chartered almost all the big cats around. He really loves chartering cats (who ‘s going to blame it). His obsession : he wants the Exclusive 76 to be the best cat of her size. Since he really likes confort here are a few details with images (thanks for the CD) that have been designed in the Exclusive 76.

Below : the guest cabins are modular you can convert the king size beds into two singles. The small table is on the side of the bed on the first image and in the middle on the second one.

Below : The cockpit hosts 3 tables, two small on one side and a large one on the other. This is so people can do their own things when they need to. To eat, you can put the two small tables together and with chairs around them you can seat up to 8 around one and 6 around the other and still have room to walk through. If you noticed there are small compartments in front of the image where you can put you mobile phone, cigarettes, keys.. Georges has lost to many phones at sea.

Below : The table rises into a dining table and lowers into a salon table. You can remove all the chairs to have a large place for a party. At sea the chairs have a special system to be fixed to the floor. The TV also raises and lower. In the Exlusive 76 all the furniture which can be in your way can be folded or removed.

Below. Crew quarters, galley are located forward and completely separeted from the guest. The skipper and crew cabins have been built to the same quality standards as the rest of the boat.

By the way, the Exclusive will also be a fast boat.
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