I just received this press release from Chandler Collins, GUNBOAT’s PR and Marketing manager about the amazing GUNBOAT. As I wrote before GUNBOAT are my favorite “smaller size catamaran”. I look forward to see this larger one on the water.

“G U N B O A T 9 0
All New Series

Gunboat announces their groundbreaking GUNBOAT 90 series that combines both serious performance with cruising amenities that are unprecedented. Two of these gorgeous high performance world cruisers are already under contract.

The GUNBOAT 90 offers spaces and luxury that will embarrass most 180 ft keelboats. Quite simply, the GUNBOAT 90 will redefine sailing performance amongst the mega yacht fraternity. Why shouldn’t a mega-yacht sail at 20 knots or more most of the time? While the GUNBOAT 90 is exceptionally large, her spaces have been used in a restrained manner. Four luxurious en suite staterooms are on par with five star hotel rooms in the city. Crew quarters for 4 are in the bows. The hulls are a composite construction of vacuum-bagged, epoxy foam sandwich and Aramid Honey-comb Nomex with carbon fiber inner skins & Kevlar outer skins for impact resistance. All carbon spars and only the most high-tech equipment, this series is dedicated to luxury and speed.

The first GUNBOAT 90 will be based in St. John Virgin Islands with aims to sail around the world. Keep an eye out for this remarkable vessel, but with the ability to accomplish 400+ mile days, it may only be a quick peek!

For more information, please visit: and our blog:

More about GUNBOAT on the luxury catamaran blog.

If you want to see pictures of the first GUNBOAT 90 in production.

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