M’80 by Christophe BARREAU & Frédéric NEUMAN

This is a new project of a smart, fast and easy to sail 80 footer by Christophe Barrault, the historical designer of the CATANA range, and his partner Frédéric Neuman. Christophe Barreau has designed many catamarans including the CATANA range since the beggining. He is an experienced sailor having sailed extensively on his own designs and is the first one to cross the 80 th parallel on a cruising catamaran. All his designs are easy to sail with a small crew thanks to their self-taking jib and feature retractable daggerboards reducing the draft from 3,5 m to 1,7m.

Jean Yves Carteret from Linea Concept has designed 3 different interior layouts all for six guest in independant suites with a crew of 3.

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