In 1960 the Prout Brothers designed the first “SNOW GOOSE” an 11 meter cruising catamaran, more than 40 years later the legend lives on with a range from 45 to a 100 foot built in China.

Celebrity Yachts, a canada based company, is now the manufacturer of the Prout Range. The Prout are built in china at 30 % the cost of a European or American built catamaran with the same level of quality (that’s what their website says, I know some readers won’t be happy about that). The PROUT 93 is built out of E-Glass and Isophatalic Resin to German Loyds recommandations. The new design of the Prout range is quite nice compared to the old ones. The Prout 93 offers a very large salon with a great view on the outside. The dining room can seat up to twelve guest. Of course the interior can be fully customized but the layout offered in the brochure is quite interesting and shows how spacious the Prout 93 is. The huge platform welcome not only the dining room but also 3 bar areas. One of them displays a Japanese style tepannyaki grill. The owner suite at mast foot is huge with a splendid view on the sea, a retractable flat screen TV, a separated master bath with double sinks and a jacuzzi type shower. The hulls host two vip guest staterooms with king size beds and two smaller guest suites.

No doubt with such a design and at a reasonnable cost the Prout 93 will be a success.
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