Lyman Morse is a shipyard located in Maine with over a century of custom boat building. They have started to work on a 82 ‘ catamaran project “ROCKETEER” with the famous british architect Nigel Irens.

Lyman Morse has built and launched all kinds of yachts, from classic sturdy motor yachts to elegant sea worthy sailing monohulls and a high tech catamaran such as recently a 61 ‘ Morelli and Melvin design. “ROCKETTER” owner curently owns a 56′ catamaran but wanted more space and confort and performance for long range cruising. Nigel Irens has designed some of the most famous racing Multihull including the last record breakers Francis Joyon IDEC 2, Thomas Coville SODEBO, and Ellen Mac Arthur B&Q/CASTORAMA. No doubt this 82′ luxury catamaran will no lack performance.

No more information for this project yet but I will wach for news for you and keep you updated.

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