The production of those two mega cats is going along well. The hulls, the deck and the flybridge of the SUNREEF 102 have been fitted together. Now we start to guess what this spacious and confortable SUNREEF will look like. The carpenters have started to work on the interior fittings and the yacht should be launched second half of 2009. The SUNREEF 114 structure is beeing built upside down and will be flipped over by February 2009 for a launching I guess in 2010. A third mega sunreef is actually being negociated by the shipyard.


Yachts Industries which is going through hard times has launched the last BLUBAY a 95 footer on the 25 th of November. The dark blue hull looks really nice. I look forward to see this new BLUBAY sailing.

YAPLUKA 85 DD Apparenlty the production of the first DD still goes on and this unit is schedule to be launched next summer.

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