I am actually working on a new blog enlarged to other yachting subjects. To check the efficiency of key words on Google I am using the Google Trends applications, check the following results for catamaran.

The picture above shows the results for the keyword catamaran on google since 2004, by countries, cities and language. New zealand, australia and France come first, which is not really a surprise since they are the catamaran countries. More surprising maybe are Spain and Netherlands ahead of the United states. In the city section I am just amazed to see Marseilles (south of France) ahead of Paris. Maybe because Marseilles is closer to the sea shore. In the language section Dutch is ahead of English, they must really like catamarans. Maybe the proof is with Hugo Lebreton SIG 45.

Look at the trend over the year 2008 now.

AS the google team says remember those are still approximations. If you want to know more and try your own stats go the Google Trends, you can “play for hours”. This is funny to see that thetrends is decreasing over the years. I would have thought the opposite since catamarans are more and more popular. Maybe less people use google as search engine and have direct access to the websites. You can see that peeks also corresponds to important news, such as accidents, race results or the press release of SUNREEF YACHTS ONE FIFTY one of the largest catamarans project released in Newswire, a press release website I am also using with success for my clients.

You can also notice a seasonality where the search increases going close to summer time in Europe and US.

You can also do cross searches, try for example : sailing yachts and motor yachts.
Anyway a nice tools to play with and use to find strong keywords for your website or blog.

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