Franck Darnet’s new website is online. The talented yacht designer based in Nantes (France) is publishing the pictures and 3ds of his creations.

Nahema 120 Owner Suite

Franck Darnet has designed the interiors of the NAHEMA 120 and also of the Fenomen by NAHEMA (NAHEMA 150) project. The 3ds of the Fenomen by NAHEMA are published online for the first time and look quite amazing. Franck is also designing smaller cats interior for Outremer Yachting for the Outremer 45 and 49. The agency works for superyacht builders such as Sunrise Yachts in turkey on a very large project to be announced soon. Other work include of course monohulls yachts but also eco friendly hotels, high end motor-homes, shutles boats, submarines houses in cooperation with the Miami agency… The main interesting fact about the news website is that you can really look at large large size pictures and realise that the team has a lot of talent in all the fields.

NAHEMA 150 owner suite, much larger

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  1. Thank you so much for this post about Franck Darnet. Very beautiful and interesting for me about what is performing at this time in Brittany and Nantes. Other subject (but not so far): I’d like to present you the blog “Bretagne qui-es-tu ?” from the Région Bretagne. His aim is to know what is the perception of web people about Britanny, her identity precisly.www.bretagne-qui-es-tu.comhope to see you soon !Don’t hesitate to comment on the blog !

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