A joy for me again to introduce a new catamaran concept. This one is quite unique since it gathers all the proved solutions available on the market to make a yacht as eco-friendly as possible. It is born out of the drawing boards of Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design. You will find following some renderings and the press release I wrote for the project. I also have a detailed press kit should you be interested.

“La Rochelle, France, the 26 th of February

For the first time, Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design (BRYD) introduces Code[e], a 100-foot eco-friendly luxury catamaran.

Code [e] is an aesthetic, high-performance, state of the art luxury catamaran designed to cruise in symbiosis with the environment. Despite the economic crises, the project had a lot of success during the last Düsseldorf Boat Show as more and more people are concerned about environmental issues.

Olivier Racoupeau: Code [e] is about protecting, living with and learning from the environment. It matches our way of living and thinking with respect to our natural surroundings. We practice what we preach and believe that technology can help us protect the environment. Our team is constantly studying new ways of reducing yachts negative impacts while keeping a high level of comfort and performances for our clients.”.

Living with the environment:

o Sun : 40 m² of solar panels fully integrated to the structure

o Wind: 2 vertical retractable 1100 Watts silent wind turbines

o Water: 2 Hydro Electric generators will provide power while sailing.

Protecting the environment:

o A Hybrid propulsion system, silent and emission free, will be used with a reasonable 15 minutes autonomy while docking or anchoring for example.

o LED lighting divides by 10 the electric consumption compared to halogen bulbs

o The use of air conditioning is greatly reduced thanks to air intakes located below the platform and a clever distribution system throughout the yacht

o Fresh water from the rain will be captured on the roof, filtered and utilized to minimize the use of the water maker

o A hot water system, located on the top of the roof, will use the sun to top up the classical hot water production equipment.

Learning from the environment:

o An observation station is located on the platform, at mast food ahead of the salon and dining areas. This space will feature touch screen computers connected to the internet, books, revues and magazines about the sea, the wind, the sky and the earth. It will host comfortable couches to speak about environmental issues with guests and friends.

The Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design team has integrated the protection of the environment in each stage of design process. Code [e] is not just a concept; the team is finishing the full specifications and will soon start consulting shipyards to build this unique yacht.

Code [e] – short specifications

LOA: 31.20 m /102.36 ft

LWL: 28.40 m /93.17 ft

BEAM: 13.00 m /42.60 ft

Draft minimum: 1.38 m /4.52 ft

Draft maximum: 4.40 m/14.43 ft

Rig: Sloop

Mast and boom: Carbon

Total sail area: 460 m²/4951.40 square foot

Displacement empty: 70 T

Engines: 2*260 hp

Speed (max/cruise): 17/10 knots

Fuel capacity: 2 * 3000 l (2 * 792.52 US Gallons)

Freshwater capacity: 2 * 2000 l (2 * 528.34 US Gallons)

Owner and guests: 8

Crew: 6

Construction: Composite

Process : Infusion




Builder: To be determined

The general specifications mentioned above are preliminaries and not contractual.

Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design was founded 30 years ago. Since the beginning the design office has had a strong reputation for designing innovative yet stylish yachts. Shipyards such as Bénéteau, CIM, JFA, Garcia Yachts, Alliage and Fountaine Pajot have developed strong and long-term partnerships with the design office.

BRYD is located in La Rochelle (France). The crew of 10 is made up of naval architects, designers, and engineers.

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  1. car2ner says:

    Nice blog! Original yacht design found here

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