This blog starts to look like SUNREEF blog but I have a hard time finding news about other yards or projects. Bad news are easy to find but this is not the purpose of the blog. I guess I will have to be more creative in the coming posts.

The story of the Sunreef 62 is in fact a story of Father and Son who dreamed of creating a new and very unique product for the yachting market.

The idea was simple: build a large, fast and exclusive twin-hulled yacht that could be fully customised to clients’ wishes.

So in 2000 Francis and Nicolas Lapp founded Sunreef Yachts from scratch and began building a team of specialists in naval architecture, design, engineering and construction in the historic shipyard of Gdansk, Poland made famous by Lech Walesa and Solidarity.

And less than two years later they launched the Sunreef 74, CHE.

Following on the success of CHE, Sunreef‘s in-house design department then set to work to create a somewhat smaller but versatile yacht with a modern exterior, streamlined hulls generous deck space and an extremely spacious fly-bridge which would become the Sunreef 62.

And now in just four years, the Sunreef 62 has become Sunreef’s most popular model with 30 units sold to date and is still the only 60-foot catamaran in the world with such a wide choice of fit-outs, general arrangements and equipment.

To date, 25 Sunreef 62’s have been launched with another 5 sold and under construction. The yacht is perfect for both private owners and charter fleet operators and it’s easy to see why.

Her stability and safety with no compromise in sailing performance combines with technological innovation below decks and topside made unique by a fly-bridge complete with centralized controls as well as impressive deck space and possibility of customized finish, all for a very competitive price.

Layouts available on a Sunreef 62 range from self-explanatory ”owner” and ”semi-owner” to ”charter” all complimented with the appropriate navigational equipment as selected by the buyer.

On the inside, each Sunreef 62 is unique with motifs ranging from classic, modern/minimalist, to striking surreal Fauvism. Classic design features high gloss finish, rounded shapes and natural light colours with a classic saloon layout. Modern design results in minimalist pure shapes, strong contrasting colours and a mat finish. Fauvist design combines flashy and colourful interiors, ultra-modern accessories with mixed gloss and mat surface.

And the Sunreef 62 continues to evolve. The aft platform is a perfect place for stowing he tender which can be launched in seconds using the Sunreef’s ingenious hidden davits. In addition, the platform can be used for swimming, fishing or just enjoying the sea along but also provides stowage for things like diving equipment and water toys.

Recognizing their responsibility to the environment, Sunreef has also introduced the environmentally-friendly construction technique Infusion and offers solar panels, wind and water generators, non-toxic anti-fouling, ever more energy-efficient hulls and soon, hybrid electrical engines.
Not surprisingly, a Sunreef 62 can also be found in some very interesting places around the world. AL MAISAN is in Doha, Qatar and TRIGGER operates around the Seychelles. The very first Sunreef 62, MISSION, launched in 2003, is now based in Barcelona as a successful charter boat participating in regattas, ocean races and boat shows. Other Sunreef 62’s, including MISTER T, CAPOLINO FALALUNA, DIAMOND GIRL II, ANASSA, ANASSA II, ZAHORA, CATSY, MAUNI, ARGONAUTA V, TAHAA II and MOONSTONE have joined Sunreef’s in-house charter fleet around the world.

Many private Sunreef catamarans are on round-the-world voyages. BLAZE II has just crossed the Panama Canal bound for French Polynesia and New Zealand. CHARLOTTE will explore the Caribbean and Central America before setting off for the Far East and HERENUI has just sailed along North Africa and, after the Mediterranean, will then be heading west to the Caribbean.

Feedback from owners confirms that Sunreef 62 is a perfect option for long-distance ocean voyaging with a crew of only two or comfortably accommodating an entire family thanks to the location of the helm station. With controls for all of the necessary electrical and hydraulic systems on the flying bridge, sailing with just one person on watch is easy.

Having achieved a confirmed speed of 22 knots, sailing a Sunreef 62 can also be lively and satisfying as she points up to 30 degrees (apparent), even in choppy seas.

And thanks to her shallow draft, she can easily anchor in the most picturesque bays where deeper draft yachts simply cannot and, of course, shallower draft means less fuel consumption.

Since the first Sunreef 62 set sail, satisfied owners and crew have been collecting unforgettable experiences. So as an added service to Sunreef 62 owners around the World, Sunreef will soon announce a Sunreef owners’ club where owners can exchange tips, thoughts and experiences via a website, meetings, social events and regattas.

Who knows, some might also take the opportunity to thank Francis and Nicolas for making it all possible.

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