I am introducing you this new 70 foot sleek looking luxury catamaran built in Marseilles and designed by the design team Jean & Frasca Design : the VELUM 70

(photo credit : Pierre Deleuil)

The VELUM 70 was designed for offshore cruising and to take part to offshore races. The design is sleek and pure. Each hull hosts an owner and a guest cabin, sharing a bathroom. The platform welcomes a salon and a kitchen. The VELUM 70 was created to be easy to build and to be reasonably priced. The hulls are in strip-planking, the platform in sandwinch composite and the cross beam is in carbon. With 230 sqm of sail area for a full load of 16 tons, she should be quite fast.
I really like the design of the roof. The price (sails excluded) is around 1.385 millim euros (VAT excluded).
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