VPLP 80’ — Less Posing, more Principals.

Directly from VPLP PR, Katrina Kelshall, Thanks. I let you discover this new sleek VPLP design to be built in Portugal by Trimarine.

VPLP 80’ — Less Posing, more Principals.

The VPLP 80’ reflects the willingness of well known naval architects and multihull specialists to return to the source that first nourished our dreams of far flung voyages: a yacht that is comfortable, fast, hands on, simple to sail and to maintain, capable of welcoming the owner, his family and friends for expeditions without limits, all within a reasonable budget. The VPLP 80’ was designed in the spirit of getting back to these essential values in a way that takes us “Back to the Future”.

Designed originally for an experienced European multihull client, the brief for this semi-custom yacht called for:

– High average speed in cruising conditions (hence the dagger boards and a long waterline)
– Large volumes and living spaces while controlling overall displacement.
– Aft cockpit and salon on the same level for inside/outside living and alfresco dining

– Galley up with salon and nav station constitutes the social hub of the yacht
– Ease of handling by family or minimal crew
– Ease of maintenance by limiting the amount of unnecessary equipment and machinery
– Eco friendly with maximum use of the latest generation of solar panels
– Balanced, pleasing lines and aesthetics

The project has been developed in close collaboration with Trimarine (Antoine Le Villain, Fernando Sena, and Sebastien Morassutti) — builders of some of the best and most famous racing and cruising yachts afloat. The advantage is that Trimarine has been able to assess production costs at the design stage so that economy has been incorporated at the concept phase. The VPLP 80 will be built in their new facility in Portugal with a focus on controlling the overall budget and on-time delivery.

Principal Characteristics

Length Overall 78’7”
Waterline length 77’4”
Beam: 38’1”
Draft 14’8” / 4’9”
Hull draft 3’1“
Demi Hull Centre Line 26’2”
Light Ship Displacement 32.8T
Mast height 102’.6”
Air Draft 110’8”
Mast rake 3°
Mast Lateral Area 323 ft²

Technical Data
Engine Power 2x 180HP
Generators 2 x 10kW
Fuel tanks 2 x 1 000L
Fresh Water tanks 2 x1 000L
Grey Water tanks 2 x 750 L
Black Water Tanks 2 x 150L

Sail Data
Main Full Hoist 2 379 ft²
Main reef #1 1 938 ft²
Main reef #2 1 507 ft²
Main Reef #3 1 184 ft²
Solent 1 270 ft²
Staysal 732 ft²
Stormsail 377 ft²
Gennaker aprox 2 691 ft²
Spinnaker aprox 3 768 ft²

Upwind Sail Area (main & solent) 3 650 ft²
Reaching sail Area ( Main & Genaker) 5 070 ft²


Class CE category A< 24m Construction Materail : Epoxy Glass Fiber, PVC foam sandwich and carbon reinforcements Gross tonnage 95 GT BV Equipment number 94 For more information

Contact: Katrina KELSHALL E: katrina@vplp.fr T: +33 (0)1 42 77 24 00 F: +33 (0)1 48 04 98 60

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